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A tool to play around with your avastars! Don't have some Avastars? All avastars are teleported - head over to opensea and have a look!

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female replicant

Generate some random avastars based on an eth address. The following rules are applied: avastars are build separated by gender and max 5 are used per replicant. Hoover over an image to see, which IDs have been used.

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Maximum Similarity Ranking - MaxSim

Have you been wondering how similar an avastar is in comparision to others? I was and therefore i have created a ranking algorithm called "Max Similarity" or short "MaxSim" for Avastars. You can find the output of the algorithm in this MaxSim Sheet

How does the maxSim Works?
The maxSim compares all traits of an avastar with all other avastar's and counts the matching traits (gender separated). As a result, it ranks the avastars based on their maximum quantity of traits they are sharing with another avastar.
For exmaple a maxSim(2) would mean, that not more than two traits in combination are shared with another avastar. However, there can be multiple matches with different avastars in the same maxSim bracket (using the same or different traits). As another example you can check the maxSim(10) and you can see, that they will look almost identical.

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